Personal trainer

Hello my name is Vlad.

I work as a personal trainer at GoalGain. I am offering you personal training in Ohrid and nearby.

I like to train in the nature and have done it since I began working at Goalgain. I can train you at almost any time you want.

I have studied physiotherapy and have completed a 12 week course concerning running techniques. I will train you according to GoalGains principles about High-intensive-interval-training.

If you need a personal trainer in Ohrid or nearby please contact GoalGain. I am so motivated to get you started!


Selection of articles from Vlad

E-learning for employees

18-10-2016 - 3 years siden

Want to be customer support guru at GoalGain? Dream of improving your skills as a personal trainer at GoalGain by being a leading expert who is constantly improving customer...

Video showing more hardcore exercises

17-10-2016 - 3 years siden


Cartoon movie

16-10-2016 - 3 years siden

This cartoon movie explains our concept of training you in nature. Please take into account that the video was made before GoalGain expanded. Today we offer...

High-intensity Interval Training and Obesity

16-10-2016 - 3 years siden



Selection of references

Business manager

I lost 1 stone in 1 week. And after 8 weeks I lost 4,5 stones. I tell you. I only did 20-30 minutes of workout...

Sales promotion

During the training I have done squats wirh heavy stones. Doing whips with a heavy rope and I´ve been running...

Gitta Poulsen
Freelance photographer

I am a big fan of the 5:2 diet combined with HIIT training and I gained quick results. When ending the first week...

Peer Sander
Sales man

I was looking different places for personal training but GoalGain caught my interest the most. Mostly because the...

Mia Lund
Medical secretary

I have now completed a training course of 8 weeks with my personal trainer, Thomas Andersen. It has been very...

Emil Buchwald
Office work

Jeg henvendte mig da jeg så et opslag fra Goalgain, der fortalte om en form for træning hvor man kunne træne...

Nickie Rosenkrands

For nyligt gennemførte jeg et 8 ugers boot-camp forløb. Jeg havde Thomas som personlig træner, og jeg har...

Michael Hedam

In January of 2016 I started a project. The purpose was to lose weight and generally live healthier. It went well...