8 weeks

Peer Sander

Course: 8 weeks Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Peer Sander's whole story

I was looking different places for personal training but GoalGain caught my interest the most. Mostly because the training takes place in the nature however the price was also at the lowest for personal training I have seen so far. It was also a plus that the training duration was only 20-30 minutes.
It was necessary to me to have a personal trainer because I knew by myself that I needed someone who could give me the boot. But this wasn´t enough. I also needed to feel committed to a personal trainer. A deal is a deal so now I had to appear at each training session.
I think my course has been very successful. I gained my goal at GOALGAIN! I lost 10 kg in 8 weeks! My body fat percentage dropped down by 11 percent! This was a better outcome than I had expected. I also want to pride myself a bit. I have been very good at pushing myself to the limit at each session. When Thomas asked: “What´s your heart rate?”
I responded: “90 %”
In addition to the training at GoalGain I played soccer 2 times per week.