8 weeks

Michael Hedam

Course: 8 weeks Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Michael Hedam's whole story

In January of 2016 I started a project. The purpose was to lose weight and generally live healthier. It went well the first 3-4 month and I lost 12 kg by only changing my diet. Then I reached a point where nothing happened. My weight wouldn´t reduce any further. When I noticed that Thomas started up personal training in Nyborg I decided to examine the concept. Actually training was not really my thing but I realized that it would be necessary if my body should transform according to my plan. The concept of GoalGain was great to me and fitted in to my daily life with 2 kids.

When I came to the first training session I was nervous. I did not really know what this was all about! Quickly I realized that there was actually nothing to be nervous about. Thomas was easy to get along with and good to support me during the workout.

I knew that it would be tough but I have never expected it to be that tough! All team-members where pushed to their limits and we where soaked in sweat from day one. Our training was used to the full and even it was tough it was the greatest feeling of all times when the training was done. Just to stand there knowing how hard you have just trained. I always went home with a smile and great energy!

During the 8 week boot camp we have been tested in burbees, plank, VO2-max test and had our fat percent and weight measured. This has been very motivating to me. Now the 8 weeks has been completed and to be honest I do not think I would have gained my goals without Thomas and GoalGain. He is a super competent guy and has given me the courage to continue my training.