8 weeks

Mia Lund

Course: 8 weeks Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Mia Lund's whole story

I have now completed a training course of 8 weeks with my personal trainer, Thomas Andersen. It has been very good, very constructive and educational to me. My main goal was to lose fat at my stomach which I have. My fat percent has been reduced which is just so nice! I have also learned how important it is to train the big muscle groups instead of just focusing at my stomach. As Thomas says; “You cannot just lose fat at one item at your body. There is therefore no idea in just training your stomach and expect just to lose the stomach fat. Instead focus on your big muscle groups and you will lose fat everywhere at your body.”

I could really feel the rush when ending the training session of only 30 minutes. I think it is great knowing you have trained your hole body in just 30 minutes and actually being able to see the results quick. I have been tested in VO2 max test, burbees and the plank and especially the plank was an excerzice I could feel gave me some strength. I have always been running a lot and not being so much focused at training the hole body. This has changed. I now know how important it is and how effective just 30 minutes of HIIT training is. This training has even made me a better runner even we have not been running very much.

To summarize. The great thing about GoalGain is that the training takes place in the nature. It is awesome to lift up wooden balks, stones and run with car tires attached to you etc. instead of training in a overheat fitness centre lifting weights. At GoalGain you get through with your training in only 20-30 minutes so I think it is easier to appear to the sessions knowing that the training is soon done. I have 2 kids and sometimes they just joined me at the sessions. I think this is a good service and in accordance with the GoalGains concept of flexibility.

I would clearly recommend GoalGain if you want a personal course and get in shape quick and without investigate very much time in your training.