8 ugers boot camp

Mette Hvass

Course: 8 ugers boot camp Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Mette Hvass's whole story

I have improved my physical fitness the last 8 weeks. Training of 2 x 25 minutes of high intensive training per week matches perfectly my daily life taking care of my 2 kids. I have far more energy now and is motivated for another 8 weeks. We have trained at different areas in Nyborg. At the mound and at the beach. I have had 3 interviews/talks with Thomas where we talked about the course so far and did some measurements of fat percent and weight.

My course with Thomas is over. My goal was to lose weight and take my condition to another level. I have not lost weigh as I had hoped for but that is due to the fact that I have increased my muscle mass. On the other hand my fat percent has dropped down dramatically and my VO2 max has significantly improved.

All together I am satisfied with my personal trainer and his work.

We have used the immediate environment and the times for training has been adjusted to fit in the groups demands.

Thomas has taught me how to use things in the nature and taught me that it is not necessary to spend 2 hours in a gym to gain a good physique. Instead I can just intensify the training and get it done quickly with same results.

I will take another 8 weeks of training focusing even more on diet and weight loss.