8 uger

Louise Kamper

Course: 8 uger Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Louise Kamper's whole story

I chosed GoalGain because I needed a personal trainer. My daily living is so hectic that I find it difficult to find space for training. When I noticed that I could get results by just working out 20-30 minutes twice a week I was in. The concept of training in the nature also appealed to me. I don´t like to train in the gym. There are too many people, I think it is boring and stuffy. The nature suits me much better. Therefore  GoalGain was the right thing for me and the prices were low.

I have never had a personal trainer by my side and this made me nervous. Could I make it? However Thomas was great in making a solid plan that worked and also to adjust the training so it was not too tough and not too easy either. I want to thank you Thomas for supporting me and for the results we have gained together. GoalGain!