16 uger

Kristina Andersen

Course: 16 uger Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Kristina Andersen's whole story

I signed up for 8 weeks of boot-camp at November 2015 after having 2 trial periods along with my friend Maiken. It has been all worth it!

Since then I have just continued another 8 weeks when ending one. I have soon completed this boot camp also and I intend to buy another 8 weeks later on. Now I need to test myself. Can I maintain the weight loss? I have trained individually with Thomas, along with a friend and at a team with 4 members. Each course has inspired and challenged me. I have kept myself to the 5:2 diet and made this diet to a habit since day one of the course.

The reason why I signed up for the course was mainly to get ripped of my stomach fat. In addition I also got very inspired of big weight loss at some girls from my primary school and girls from Instagram. This made me think; “If they can – I can!” Now I don´t want to be the chubby one anymore! My future-dream is also to be a fit mommy. So why not get started now so I can be fit during my pregnancy and make it easier to maintain fit afterwards.

I really find it great that GoalGain offers so much flexibility and such a great concept for almost no money compared to other places for personal training!