10 uger

Kathrine Søgaard

Course: 10 uger Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Kathrine Søgaard's whole story

All together I have trained for 32 weeks at GoalGain which is 4 boot camps. Everyone of them has been great! I have gained lots of knowledge about exercise and diet.

How has it been to struggle for losing weight?

I was recommended to eat due to the principles of the 5:2 diet along with the HIIT training at GoalGain. I have kept the diet since start. In the beginning it was not fun at all. It was quite tough only to eat 500 calories twice a week and I still find it a bit tough however it gets easier. When I don´t do fasting I eat what I want. Also unhealthy food.

How do I keep motivating despite all the challenges I face?

I do the best I can however it is difficult. But I accept it and say to myself that I do good. The days where I break the healthy pattern I just try not to judge myself too hard. Instead I accept it and try to be okay with as long I get up again. Some days I have started the day by doing fasting and if I did not manage to complete I just tried one more time the day after.

With regard to training it keeps me motivated that I have 2 training sessions per week that I have committed to. The measurements and interviews also motivates me. During my 32 weeks I have lost 23 kg. I am so proud of this. What I have done is just to keep myself to the 5:2 diet and always pushed myself to the limit when we trained. I have always worked out with a minimum puls of 90 % of maximum heart rate per minute.