16 weeks

Gitta Poulsen

Course: 16 weeks Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Gitta Poulsen's whole story

I am a big fan of the 5:2 diet combined with HIIT training and I gained quick results. When ending the first week I had already lost 1,5 kg. My average weight loss has been around 1 kg per week.

I pride myself that I have not just kept to 5:2 diet I have also been eating very healthy at my eating-days. I have been eating lots of protein as well. Around 2 grams of protein per kilogram. Thomas advised me that the ratio between protein and carbs should be 10 protein per 15 grams of carbs on eating days. I have done so. And I have even been eating up to 20 grams of protein per 10 grams of carbs because I have supplemented myself with whey 100 protein milk.

I have been inspired by the training method, HIIT. Amazing that I could have the work-out done in 20-30 minutes. It has also been very useful to learn how to train in the nature. It is not just running. Stones, wooden beams etc. has really improved my physical stamina and strength. For instance: Try to do 10 front-squats with a stone of 35 kilograms and then run uphill and then repeat 5 times. Thomas is right when he is saying that no matter how bad your physical fitness is you can always push you to the limit. I was very overweight however I did actually sprint!

During the boot-camps my motivation boosted so much that I ended up doing 3-4 of HIIT training per week. It is also a good way to take a break from your work. During the boot camps I bought an exercise bike so I could do 3 times of 20 seconds of sprinting when sitting in front of my computer got too much. This 3 x 20 minutes of sprinting is something Thomas told me about and is something he learned by watching the documentary the truth about exercise by Michael Mosley – inventer of the 5:2 diet.

To summarize

My boot camps has given me more knowledge and motivation. I now understand that exercise is far more effective when intensify. Instead of using 2 hours in the gym just do 20-30 minutes and make it challenging!
Even it is a hard way to train it gives me so much energy that I look forward to train.

I will certainly recommend GoalGain! It is for everyone. Look at me before and look at me now!