16 weeks


Course: 16 weeks Trainer: Amber Cole

Dorthy's whole story

Some people say that you become stronger through adversity and I did not know if that was true as I have never been willing to go through pain! Not until I signed up for this 8 weeks of personal training with Amber. No pain. No gain. She said. I even cried during the sessions as I felt so much sorry for myself. Please pull yourself together, Dorthy I kept saying and it helped a bit. Amber is right with her peptalks and I actually start liking it. No pain. No gain. There is no tomorrow. It is all worth it. 

Yes Amber you know how to motivate me and I will of course chose more pain as I know it is good for me.

I have decided to sign up for another course with my personal trainer, Amber. In addition I want to clarify that I am a truly supporter of GoalGain´s concept. It is brilliant and fits perfectly to my daily life.