8 weeks - weight loss


Course: 8 weeks - weight loss Trainer: Felina Williams

Dasmine's whole story

I gain weight very easily and have done it my hole life. I have tried many diet forms and I have a strong will however I can´t I just can´t live a life where I measure every single calorie. By support from Felina I got motivated for trying the 5:2 diet however I wasn´t enthusiastic about it in the first place. I have tried so many times to lose weight and gain it again and to be honest I was afraid trying one more time. I tell you. It is a hard thing to put so much effort in something and then you end up losing it because your methods were not to carry out in practice in the long run. I am truly thanksful for getting in touch with GoalGain and Felina for making a long-run method that works. I can easily stick to fasting twice a week and easy make it a habit to train twice a week as well. Honestly I wouldn´t have come up with this idea by myself.
If you are in the situation I was in before getting in touch with Felina I will recommend you to contact her or if you live another place. Just take the step. Don´t be afraid. To have a personal trainer might be one of your best investments in your life because they give you motivation and inspiration so you can maintain your weight loss when ending the 8 weeks of personal training.

You are also welcome to ask me for more quistions if needed. Just contact GoalGain and they will put you through.