8 weeks

Anna Hansen

Course: 8 weeks Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Anna Hansen's whole story

My weight and fat percentage have been measured 3 times and then I have been through a variety of tests. It has been very motivating to me to hold myself in this competition as I think it is. A competition with myself. Thomas has been good at adjusting the course so everyone at the team kept motivated. He has also been good at keeping an eye on everyone at the team during the training sessions. I have never felt left out. If I felt it too tough he was immediately supporting me so I kept moving forward. In some way or another he knows what to say to make me perform better.

Back then when I studied I trained regularly however after starting a full time job it has been almost impossible to find space for training.

The training concept of GoalGain has inspired me so much that I will continue the exercises at home. I am also determined to continue my diet plan which is low in carbs and high in protein. All together the course gave me the boot that I had hoped for!