32 uger

Maiken Christensen

Course: 32 uger Trainer: Thomas Andersen

Maiken Christensen's whole story

After ending all together 16 weeks of personal training I was so lucky to win 16 weeks of free training as I won a competition of whom would be able to lose most fat in a period of 8 weeks. So I have been trained 32 weeks at GoalGain. First time with Kristina. Then alone with Thomas and finally at a team with 3-5 members. All courses have inspired me in different ways.

After being given the boot I feel so motivated to continue my healthy lifestyle. I think about what to eat and what not to eat however I am no fanatic. I just stay to the principles of 5:2 diet. I have also gained knowledge about how to train in the nature and get the training done quickly. Thomas has been a great support to me and my fat percentages has dropped down dramatically. I have lost a lot and regained my faith to myself.