Become stronger or grow muscles

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The intention of this e-book is to give a better understanding of the differences between strength training and training that is directed towards building muscle mass (i.e. bodybuilding).
Within this book you will find 2 programs. The first is where testperson 1 (Daniel) trains according to the principles of bodybuilding and the second program is where test-person 2 (Thomas) trains for strength.
In the beginning there will be an account for the general principles of weight training, including both bodybuilding and strength training.
This will be followed by the main section of the paper called methods. This is an analysis and interpretation of two goal-oriented training programs, which have been tried out practically.
The final part of the book involves the evaluation of the results from the two programs. It also discuss the hypothesis which is mentioned in the introduction. In the conclusion it will be clarified whether there really is a difference between strength training and bodybuilding in relation to strength and hypertrophy.


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